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This sttrip was commisioned by the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland
It ran in their newsletter. CIOBS

Stark Staring Bankers ran in a Bank's magazine for three years. The strip satirised life in the bank and was very poular with the workers

Bar Stud is about 'the oldest swinger in town".



Thank you for calling...
The Call Centre- the modern day sweat shop. This 'satanic mill' employs a big chunk of our workforce.
This strip pays homage to this workforce, and aims to bring a little light relief to those employed thus, as well as those who are not


This is Modge. He began as a Stone Age dolt, but his fairy godmother in trying to give him passable skills, bestowed a gift of poetry upon him. This was a fat lot of use to a caveman, so the fairy realises her mistake and transports Modge to a time more suited to his musings.

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